R & R Designs, LLC was founded in 2023 by avid motorcycle rider Pamala Townsend who was on a ride when she herself went down. In December 2022, this was when she knew what she had to do! She sustained severe injuries that left her disabled and she did not have health insurance at the time of the accident. She knows all too well what that feeling is like, needing help! After a year of physical therapy, gaining her strength back. She thought long and hard how to be able to give to the biker community! What better way than a clothing line that 80% of the proceeds go to an organization by the name of



Customized biker-themed apparel and accessories.

Our target audience for this section of our store is for individuals who are passionate about motorcycles and enjoy riding bikes. This group includes experienced bikers, motorcycle enthusiasts, and those who appreciate the biker lifestyle. Bikers often want to stand out and express their unique personality through their clothing and accessories. They value items that reflect their passion for motorcycles and allow them to showcase their personal style. Our store offers a wide range of biker-themed products with unique designs, graphics, and slogans. This allows customers to resonate with their own style and preferences. Our store will donate a portion of the proceeds of any biker items purchased to

(For almost 12 years, BikerDown has been serving and supporting bikers/motorcycle riders in our community and nationwide by providing support to injured riders and their families. Using the collective power of our tight-knit community, our organization helps riders, and their families get through potentially devastating times by providing emotional support, financial strategies, financial assistance, medical equipment, and other services as needed. Motorcycle riders have huge hearts, and we are constantly doing fundraising rides for each other to help with medical expenses. BikerDown maximizes the impact of our collective power to help our own. BikerDown was founded in 2011 by avid motorcycle rider Laurie Montoya who was on a ride when several bikers went down. In 2021, BikerDown Foundation added an additional chapter in Florida, giving us 4 fully functional chapters Arizona (Phoenix), National – Denver Colorado, and Nevada (Las Vegas). We also have chapters and resources in Illinois, New York, and Kentucky) Copied from:

Personalized memorial merchandise for fallen bikers. Our target audience is those who have lost someone close to them in a motorcycle accident. And the audience needs a way to pay tribute to their fallen biker friends or family members and keep their memory alive. Our store offers a wide range of printon-demand products, such as t-shirts, mugs, and keychains, that can be customized with the name, photo, or quotes of the fallen biker. Our founder Pamala Townsend personally handles these orders herself! Contact her directly at the email below! She’s one heck of a woman! Please contact us directly for this service:

Open-minded apparel and accessories with philosophical symbolism.

Our store will cater to individuals who embrace diverse perspectives, are receptive to new ideas, and have a curiosity for unconventional concepts. Open-minded individuals often want to communicate their values and beliefs to others, spark intellectual discussions, and challenge societal norms. Our store provides designs that are not only visually appealing but also carry deeper meanings, allowing customers to express their open-mindedness in a sophisticated and intriguing way.

Merchandise with unique affirmations and uplifting designs.

In today's world with often experiences significant life transitions and may be more susceptible to depression. Dealing with depression may feel isolated and misunderstood, so emotional support and validation can be crucial. Our founder knows all to well about this, being she went through it all after her accident. This is a very special part of our store to her! Our store stands out from other stores by selling depression-themed products by focusing on positivity and empowerment, providing uplifting messages that inspire hope and resilience.

Kids clothes with nature-humor-love inspired designs.

Parents are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of the clothing industry and are actively seeking sustainable alternatives for their children's clothes. Parents want to dress their children in environmentally friendly and ethical clothing options to reduce their ecological footprint and support fair labor practices. Our store is offering nature-humor-love themed designs and using organic materials for kid's clothes will appeal to eco-conscious parents who want their children to establish a connection with nature and wear garments made from sustainable fibers.

Well, this is our story! Now what’s Your Story?


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